Have you ever come across a baking recipe that you thought would be delicious but you were too intimidated to actually try?

Have you ever been on Facebook or Instagram, seen bright, beautiful photos of drool-worthy cookies, cupcakes, and pastries and wished you had the talent to recreate these tasty homemade treats for your family and friends?

Do you ever wish you could create beautifully braided breads, tall and fluffy biscuits or even buttery, flaky croissants?


If you’re interested in learning and experimenting with different baking methods and procedures, you’ve come to the right place. The purpose of the Bake + Frost blog is to demystify the baking processes and make it more palatable for the average home baker.

Baking has always been my passion and there’s nothing I love more than sharing the things I learn and create with others. My goal with Bake + Frost is to create a community of individuals with a hunger for learning and a passion for baking. 

Over the past few years on Twitter, I’ve seen some amazing cooks really step into their own. Just being able to watch their growth has been an amazing experience and has helped me gain more confidence in my cooking and baking.

Bake + Frost is all about getting out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and doing the things you always wished you could. I’m so happy to have you along for this journey and I hope to create a community in which my readers feel comfortable sharing their journey with me.