Maple Pecan French Toast Bake

Soft, fluffy nuggets of cinnamon marbled dough topped with toasted pecans, maple syrup, and vanilla glaze. Perfect idea for a Mother’s Day brunch!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Clearly, I’m a day late. I was just way too busy this weekend to knock this post out. But that’s what Monday mornings at work are for. Not exactly what these social media coaches mean when they talk about being paid to blog. But me, personally, I like to get it how I live.

Buying a gift for my mother is becoming increasingly more difficult over the years. This year Mother’s Day crept up on me so fast; I was on Amazon Friday afternoon praying I could find something to order for next day delivery.

Of course, I found nothing.  I couldn’t think of anything she wanted and I was too ashamed to ask considering I only had 2 days left to decide. So I decided to check out some easy Mother’s Day recipes and cook her breakfast instead.

Maple Pecan French Toast Bake: Perfect for Mother’s Day Brunch

One of the things I made for her is this Maple Pecan French Toast Bake.

I found the recipe on the Pillsbury website and I only made one small change. The recipe here calls for six eggs which seemed like a bit much to me. I was worried the final product would come out more like bread pudding. Since that’s not exactly what I was looking for, in this recipe, I only used four.

This really tasted amazing.

Partly because it’s hard to go wrong when icing and maple syrup are involved. If you’ve ever baked the pre-made cinnamon rolls, they typically taste very dry and bland. A bit like a cardboard box, tbh.

This recipe is a great way to ramp up something that is old and tired. The number of eggs and milk used add much-needed moisture. The cinnamon, vanilla, and maple syrup help boost up the flavors.

It’s a great way to get the flavor of homemade cinnamon rolls without all of the efforts of making the dough yourself. Perfect for beginners.


Soft, chewy cinnamony goodness. #datswirl

My mom really enjoyed this. She actually asked if I made it from scratch, it was that good. I said no because I can’t be out here telling stories. I baked a second batch to leave at home since I knew my boyfriend would whine about not being able to taste. He ate most of it before I even left the house.


In the future, I’d like to try a version of this that doesn’t include store-bought cinnamon rolls. But for now, we feast.


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